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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

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As we journey through life, it is important to embrace practices and habits that promote our well-being and vitality as we grow older. Active ageing is about nurturing our physical, mental, and emotional health to ensure a high quality of life as we age gracefully. It is not just about adding years to our lives, but also adding life to our years.

Five Pillars of Active Ageing
Join us this month as we explore the five pillars of healthy & active ageing, including exercise, nutrition, recovery, mental stimulation, and social connections. Let's embark on this journey together as we delve into the secrets of Active Ageing and discover practical tips and strategies to help us lead vibrant and fulfilling lives well into our golden years.

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May is the Exercise is Medicine Month and during this month we will provide a wide range of physical and online activities and events for our campus community to join. Come have a look at our activities and sign up to join us!

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Our Partners and Sponsors

Great thanks to our sponsors and partners for their support in organizing this event.

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Note: Please consult with your healthcare provider before participating in any physical activity or if you have any specific health concerns or conditions.

Also be advised that photographs and/or videos will be taken at the event for promotional purposes. By attending the event, you consent to the use of your image and/or likeness in any promotional materials, publications or websites. If you do not wish to have your image or likeness used, please contact the event organizers in writing prior to the event.


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