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Exercise and Health Series

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in exercise and health is a way for us the create awareness on the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. We try to educate people and encourage students and staff of the University of Hong Kong to adopt a healthy lifestyle into their daily student/faculty life. By doing so our aim is to provide hands-on information to people with which they can initiate and incorporate into their own healthy and active lifestyle.

The Exercise and Health series provide essential guidelines on exercise with today's most common chronic conditions. This information is especially useful for sedentary individuals and those with various chronic diseases and medical conditions, giving support to their efforts to become more physically active and achieve the numerous benefits associated with an active lifestyle.


To get started there are some general pointers for all. Please read them through as they might help you in starting your new journey to become more physically active and achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Be Active

Any kind of activity is better then none. Try to move around more and sit less and find opportunities to be active throughout the day. It all adds up.


Talk to experts

Talk with your health care provider before beginning an exercise program. Ask about any changes in your medications or concerns with becoming more active.


Build a Plan

A physical therapist (PT) or certified exercise professional can help you set a goal and design a customized program to achieve your goal. Build your programme and stick with it.


Be Active with Others

Do activities that you enjoy and find an activity buddy or group class to get that extra support. Those who are active with a friend tend to stick with it longer than those who go it alone

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