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Lung Fu Shan Workout Guide

The Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE), in collaboration with the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (LFSEEC), proudly presents “The Lung Fu Shan Workout Guide” co-created by CSE exercise specialists and LFSEEC project officers.

This interactive Fitness Map consists of five levels of trail walking and running routes that are suitable for everyone: from the “Pik Shan Trail Walk” for beginners to the “Lung Fu Run” for experienced runners.. You can finish any route you like or create your own route on Lung Fu Shan.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel satisfied by doing a walk only, then feel free to dive deeper into the map and you will find exercise videos and suggestions of other activities you can do all around Lung Fu Shan, including Bodyweight circuits, Stair Run intervalsTRX routinesLung Fu Shan facilities routine and Stretch it out! 







How to use “The Lung Fu Shan Workout Guide”

  1. There are 5 levels of walking/running trails, 4 “Work It Out!” routine - each routine with 3 levels accordingly (see the backside of the map), and 11 stretching exercises (see the backside of the map) for you to follow along. Read the exercise details on the map, or scan the QR code next to each routine for details of all difficulty levels.

  2. Choose a Trail Walking / Running Challenge or “Work It Out!” routine based on your ability. If you are bold, go both.

  3. Dress in appropriate active-wear, bring plenty of water and snacks to replenish your energy. Ask a friend to come along to share the joy (and pain) of working out.

  4. Make sure the weather is suitable for hiking before heading out*. Let's go!

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Health and Safety Information

Important information: please read before commencing any of the routes

  • For personal security and safety these routes are recommended for use during daytime only

  • Always inform someone where you are going and what time you are due back

  • Ensure you are well hydrated and carry a small drink with you

  • Wear appropriate sportswear and footwear you have walked in before

  • Carry a mobile phone if possible

  • Report any concerns you have or may have seen whilst using the routes

  • We suggest not to head uphill if any one of the below signals is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory:
    Typhoon Signal No. 1 or above, Amber Rainstorm warning or above, Landslip warning, Thunderstorm warning.

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