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Exercise is Medicine Initiatives

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Exercise is Medicine
Student Exercise Trainer Course

Become a Certified EIM Student Exercise Trainer

Has COVID impacted your mental and physical health in negative ways? Do you want to help those and yourself to be more physically active to improve your mental and physical wellbeing? Join us and become a Certified Student Exercise Trainee to help provide health and fitness training to those in need.

Help improve the health and wellbeing of those that have suffered from COVID-19

We are looking for young and energetic students to help out HKU students and Hong Kong wider community who have suffered from COVID-19 diagnosis or have had negative physical and mental health effects due to lack of physical activity during COVID-19 pandemic measures. Theoretical and practical training will be provided to equip young volunteers with the knowledge and confidence to provide health and fitness advice to these at risk groups.


What you'll learn

This course equips you with contemporary knowledge regarding the applied aspects of fitness training instruction, whilst also providing the scientific principles that guide this practice. 

The content of this program has been designed to present foundational knowledge, skills and abilities in areas of exercise science, initial consultation, exercise technique, program design, clients with unique needs, and safety. 

Upon successful completion, participants will be invited to gain practical experience through the delivery of group exercise sessions to HKU students, and other members of the community whose physical wellbeing has been impacted by COVID-19. There will be further opportunities to gain paid work within the HKU Active Health Clinic.

Timeline of the project

Phase 1

Undergo 24 hours (6 hours per week over 4 weeks) of theory and practical training (including exam)


Phase 2

Gain hands-on experience through an internship (24 hours) running physical activity programmes. 

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Phase 3

After successful completion of the internship you will gain opportunities for paid work at the Active Health Clinc. 


Why Join our Certified EIM Student Exercise Trainer Course?

Learn evidence-based strategies to help people achieve their health & fitness goals.

Expand your expertise with contemporary knowledge regarding fitness training instruction.

Help out HKU students and Hong Kong wider community who have suffered from COVID-19.


Gain opportunities for paid work within the HKU Active Health Clinic.

Course Curriculum

The Certified Student Exercise Trainee course offers 14 topics regarding the applied aspects of fitness training instruction. These 14 topics within the Course Curriculum are: •Warm Ups and Flexibility (Practical & Theory) •Bodyweight, Bands and Stability Ball Exercise Techniques (Practical) •Resistance Training Program Design (Theory) •Exercise Technique for Free Weights (Practical) •Exercise Technique for Machine Training (Practical) •Program Design and Technique for Plyometric Training (Theory & Practical) •Aerobic Endurance Training Program Design (Theory) •Cardiovascular Training Methods (Practical) •Program Design and Technique for Speed and Agility Training (Theory & Practical) •Exercise Psychology and Habit Change (Theory) •Training Special Populations Part I (Theory) •Training Special Populations Part II (Practical) •Exercise Testing Protocols Part I (Theory) •Exercise Testing Protocols Part II (Practical) •Practical Assessment


Only HKU students are eligible to join this course.

Course Fee

Free for HKU students, full attendance is required to successfully complete the course.

Time and Date
31 August until 22 September 2022
Every Wednesday and Thursday (18:00-21:00)

Active Health Clinic, located at HKU B-Active
460 Queens Road West, 1/F Novum Place, Shek Tong Tsui

Become a Certified EIM Student Exercise Trainer

Limited places available

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