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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Running Tips

To improve your runs, watch our videos on how to prepare yourself with our warming up of dynamic stretches and drills. For better recovery after your runs, follow our cool down video for some post run stretches.

Pre-Running Warm Up

A proper warm-up will help prime your muscles for more strenuous movement and help you prevent any injuries. In the long run, it will help make you a faster and stronger runner.

Post Running Cool Down

After your run, a proper cool down routine will help your body reduce the initial soreness in your muscles and supports and speeds up your recovery post workout.

Tips to improve your running

Improve your running sessions with some great tips from our Guest Runners. Each week our guest will give you their take on running technique, skills, nutrition, equipment and training. See how these athletes prepare themselves for a good running session and maybe you can pick up some tips to improve yourself.

 Crystal Vut  屈旨盈

 Hong Kong Athletics Squad Member


Tim Law - 羅亮添

2nd runner up Trialthon Asia Game


 Hilda Choi  蔡欣妍

2nd runner up Trialthon Asia Game


Dr. Michael Tse - 謝家德博士

Director of the Centre for Sports and Exercise


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