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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

EIM Show your Move Challenge

Come join us for our EIM Show Your Move Challenge and show us your move!

With some socially distancing measures still in  place, the CSE challenges you to an online exercise challenge! Each week we will show you an exercise on Facebook and we will nominate others to join in and challenge them to show us a variation of the exercise. Of course, you don’t have to be nominated to join the challenge, just start on your own and nominate your friends.

How to Join in?

Once you get nominated for the challenge (or you want to start on your own), look at what kind of variation of the exercise your friend has already done. Then, think of a new one and record your move. Upload your move to social media with the text below and nominate 3 other friends to join you in the challenge. Don’t forget to add our hashtag: #EIMShowYourMove to your Facebook post, to show us your moves.

Stay Active at Home! I got challenged to join @EIMatHKU to the #EIMShowYourMove Challenge.

Here is how it works:

  1.  Film a video with your own variation of the Pushup

  2. Add this text and #EIMShowYourMove to the video

  3. Share it on social media and challenge your friends


I showed you my move, now I challenge: ….….. , ……… & ……..

More info at:

Don't forget to add this text

to your social media post

If you are curious or just need some inspiration,

please feel free to check out our social media feeds

and see the moves of our staff.

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Have a look at our Show Your Move compilation videos

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