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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Workouts for your Heart

The thought of cardio training usually leads to the conventional steady state cardio workouts like running, cycling or spending hours on the cross-trainer. These traditional cardio workouts can be boring and unproductive, so why not try some alternative cardio training with our “Workouts for your Heart”, which can be done anywhere without any equipment. With four different workout topics, we will show you different ways of cardio training that help you strengthen your heart and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Low Impact Cardio

Exercise Specialist: Kevin Tang

Running or jumping exercises are effective cardio workouts, but these high impact movements might be too strenuous for those with weak knees and ankles. Instead try our Low-Impact Cardio workout, which increases the heart rate without the impact on the lower body joints.

Cardio Kickfit

Exercise Specialist: Yenkit Man

Kick and punch your way to a healthier heart with our Cardio Kickfit workout. This workout, which is based on fitness and kickboxing techniques, will help you raise your heart rate and give you a good sweat.

Jump, Bounce & Skip

Exercise Specialist: Glen Joe

Bored with walking, running or biking for your cardio training? Try this simple plyometrics inspired  workout aiming to elevate your heart rate without equipment by jumping, bouncing and skipping your way to better heart health.

HIIT your Heart Health

Exercise Specialist: Luther Chan

​Instead of steady state cardio, why not try out our HIIT workout. This training, with short bursts of intense exercise along with periods of active rest, helps you strengthen your heart and improve your  cardio-respiratory health in a fraction of the time.

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