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Special: COVID-19 and Exercise

The Centre of Sports and Exercise (CSE) is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. In light of the current public health issues surrounding the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, social distancing has become the new norm. When most people are encouraged to stay at home, with most sports and exercise facilities closed, it's hard to keep up with any physical activity at all.

Despite such, CSE encourages all staff and student to continue to be physically active to keep our immune system strong and our body healthy. Research shows that physical activity has an acute and chronically beneficial effect on our immune response and potentially reduces risk and severity of viral illnesses. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that exercise reduces depression and anxiety symptoms and helps to improve the mental health.

As an acknowledgement of our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Hong Kong has earned COVID Conqueror badge (along with our 2021 Gold-Level Recognition), a new honor given to campuses that demonstrated creative adaptations to physical activity programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the last year, the pandemic presented many challenges, but the campus community found new ways of staying active.

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Below you will find many resources to help you continue to stay physically active while at home.

Staying Active During the COVID19.jpg
Staying Active During
the COVID-19 Pandemic
Avoid Deconditioning During the COVID19.
How to Avoid
Deconditioning during
the COVID-19 Pandemic
Exercise and the Immune System during th
Exercise and the
Immune System during
the COVID-19 Pandemic
Burn Calories with Home Activities.jpg
Burn Calories with
Home Activities

Featured Resources

Exercise Videos for Home Based Training

Bed Rest Exercises
Simple exercises that can be done lying or sitting to help maintain muscle mass.
Exercise Circuit to be done anywhere
Basic pyramid circuit that can be done anywhere. 50 star jumps, 40 squats, 30 press ups, 20 leg raises, 10 T-rotation.
Home Based Circuit Training
Circuit training that can be done with simple equipment found at home. 2 sets of 8 exercises of with 30:20 seconds  work:active rest ratio. .
Home Based Stretching Exercises
Simple stretching exercises that can be done at home or in the office. Stretches cover all major muscle groups.
Home Based Mobility Exercises
Simple mobility exercises that can be done at home that help to strengthen joint through a range of motion. All major muscle groups covered.
Home Based Tabata Circuit Training
Simple high intensity circuit that can be done at home with just your body weight.  2 sets of 8 exercises of with 20:10 s work:rest ratio.
Kids ( &Adults!) Exercise Workout
Kids need 60mins of exercise per day. Even when indoors, exercise should be fun and can be done with parents/guardians!
Home Based Circuit Training.jpg
Home Based
Circuit Training

Exercise for Home Based Training

Work out from your own home or office with Exercise for Home Based Training posters. With easy to follow guidance these posters show you how to do a home based circuit training and/or stretching routine. No extra equipment is needed in order to do the exerciser shown on the posters. 

Print them out and hang them up to be reminded to keep being active even when at home and/or working behind the desk

Home Based Stretching Exercises.jpg
Home Based
Stretching Exercise

How to Set Up your Home Desk Ergonomically

When you’re working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you set up your home desk ergonomically to be safe and comfortable. This will reduce your chances of injury and increases your comfort during work, which will help you be more productive and focused. The provided stretches and exercises help you re-energize during a long sedentary period behind your desk. 

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