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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

HKU Walking Challenge 2024(M) Banner.png

HKU Virtual Walking Challenge

Together we have completed an exciting journey, taking on the ultimate challenge inspired by the Olympic Games 2024, which will take place in Paris. This year, we set an ambitious goal of collectively achieving 330 million steps, representing the 33rd Olympiad and symbolizing the spirit of athleticism, determination, and perseverance.

The HKU Virtual Walking Challenge encouraged the HKU community (students, staff, retirees, and alumni) to come together with the common goal of virtually walking together. By embarking on this virtual journey to Paris, the challenge aimed to promote fitness and a healthy body and mind, as well as to create a sense of community on campus and around the world through healthy competition.

Again, we partnered with the Computer Science department to further develop our HKU Walking Challenge App, which was created exclusively for this challenge. The walking app was user-friendly and helped to keep track of your daily steps, showed your own and your team's performance, as well as the rankings of the HKU Walking Challenge.

The Walking Challenge Results and Fun Facts 

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the participants of the HKU Walking Challenge. Your dedication and hard work contributed to the tremendous success of this event. Check out our results video to see how performed the best in each category.

The results of the Walking Challenge reflected the efforts of participants in increasing their physical activity through walking. We encouraged everyone to continue prioritizing walking as a means to maintain good health and enjoy its long-term benefits. Check out our fun facts video for more interesting information and statistics from the HKU Walking Challenge . 


The Walking Challenge Results

HKU Walking Challenge Fun Facts

Thank you to our Sponsors 

Our sponsors graciously provided a wide range of free gifts and prizes for the event. We were incredibly grateful to our generous sponsors who had joined us in supporting the HKU Walking Challenge event. Their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and fostering community spirit was instrumental in making this event a success.


Event Details

Registration Period: Starting from 1st of March 2024

Event Period: 1st to 30th of April 2024

Step counting: Only steps registered through our HKU Walking App will be counted.

Total step objective:  330,000,000

Please observe the Terms & Conditions before joining the HKU Walking Challenge

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