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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month


Event Period: 1st of October - 31st of October 2020

Tie your shoelaces and get ready to join our Virtual 5K Challenge during the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month. Stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic in a fun and safe way as you decide where and when to walk/run, whether it’s your neighbourhood, local trails or even on the treadmill.

The Virtual 5K Challenge, as part of the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month, is a platform to bring together the HKU community (students, staff and alumni) to be active in a fun and safe way during the month of October and additionally, with the aims of:

Running App.jpg
  1. creating a sense of community on campus through a healthy challenge,

  2. strengthening body and mind, especially as exercise helps maintain a robust immune system,

  3. achieving a distance together of over 10,000km in the month of October.

How to join?

Participating in the Virtual 5K Challenge is simple. You can complete your 5K walk/run at any time of the day and at any location of your choice. Here is what you need to do to join our Virtual 5K Challenge:​



Select a time and location for your route and complete your session at your own pace. On the streets or on a treadmill, you decide.



Upload your screenshot and activity details to us through this link. Only one submission per day will be counted.



Record the distance and duration of your walk/run with an activity tracker or mobile app. Take a screenshot or photo for proof.



Take a photo after your run and add to the fun on social media! Share your photos at #EIMatHKU to celebrate with us and others!

Record your activity and show us 


Before you start your walk/run, don't forget to start your activity tracker so your exercise sessions will be recorded. Once you have finished your session, take a screenshot of your 5k walk/run and just click on the button below to upload your achievement to us.

The more sessions you upload to us (one per day), the higher you will be in our rankings, so stay active and keep letting us know your achievements.


Earn your place on our Wall of Fame


You can complete as many 5K sessions as you want at any time in a location of your choice within the month of October 2020. For extra motivation, your achievements will be acknowledged on or websites “Virtual 5K Wall of Fame”. The ranking will be updated weekly and is arranged as follows:

  • Gold Medal: completed 10 or more 5K sessions

  • Silver Medal: completed 5–9 5K sessions

  • Bronze Medal: completed 1–4 5K sessions

As our aim is to encourage people to be active daily, only one session per day will be counted towards the ranking. At the end of the month, all participants will receive an e-certificate based on their ranking.

Guess the Time & Win Great Prizes

To encourage our HKU Campus Community to be more active, we will also hand out a variety of prizes to our participants. To join our prize contest, all you have to do is watch the video and guess the time it takes our colleague Xavier to finish one lap around the running track (400m). The 10 people with the closest guess will be rewarded with one of our great prizes.

*Please note that only entries from our HKU Campus Community Members (staff, students, alumni and family members) through a valid HKU email account are eligible to win our prizes.

Each day you submit a 5K entry, you will also be eligible to submit an entry to join this prize contest, so the more you are active, the bigger your chances are of winning our prizes. (Note: only one entry per day per person).

Please click HERE for the Terms & Conditions of the Virtual 5K Challenge

Share your Achievement, Share the Fun!

Please click HERE for the Terms & Conditions of the Virtual 5K Challenge photo contest

Don't forget to take a photo after your run and share your achievement on social media! To further encourage our participants to join this challenge for fun, we have 5 prizes for the best selfie photos from our participants. So send in your selfies and win our prizes!


Download and print out our Virtual 5k Challenge running bib for added photo fun. Upload your photos on social media with the hashtag #EIMatHKU and celebrate another 5K completed!


Need any help?

To improve your runs, watch our videos on how to prepare yourself with our warm up, with dynamic stretches and drills. For better recovery after your runs, follow our cool down video for some post run stretches.

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